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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

my portfolio

for the past couple of weeks I have been working a lot on my portfolio.
I have set a deadline for myself of December 23rd.  
it is really important for me to finally finish this shiz up.
it has been weighing heavily on me, I can see things being a lot less stressful with it out of the way.

you see, my university requires a portfolio be submitted for admission purposes.
and I have yet to finish one..
which means that I am currently taking Masters classes for a program that I am only half enrolled in.
I am taking classes for an MBA, which I was already accepted into.
I am also half way through taking classes for an MArch (masters in architecture) which I have not been accepted into.
who even does something like this? like, who thinks this is a good plan!?
it started off all, oh I will just take the classes while I am finishing up the portfolio..
it won't really matter, they will let me in.
fast forward 2.5 years and I have completely forgotten about working on the portfolio.
le sigh. get it together Amanda.

so I started the portfolio process probably about 3 weeks ago.
guess what happened?
my effing file won't open!!!
I am now starting over in my abundance of free time.

I think yesterday somebody commented and said positive posts only please....
haha I'll work on manufacturing some positivity in my life!!

these are all renderings from a Holocaust Memorial design competition.
this was a team project [thanks for letting me put this online Megan]
we lost but we got an A. so good for us!

have a super awesome Wednesday.
we are almost to another weekend!


  1. Those look great! Look at chu' all artistic and talented and everything!! ;)

  2. augh, that is THE WORST when you can't access files!! I love that design though, beautiful!