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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I believe in [a thing called loveeeeeeeee]

just kidding
[I mean I do, but that is besides the point]
I am seriously trying to limit my link ups,
but I really liked the message behind this one.
Erin @ Living in Yellow [a favorite of all of ours, I'm sure]
is putting on the "I believe in..." link up

and here is what I believe in!

I believe in doing what makes you happy. 

I believe in celebrating birthdays [and people that you love] big every time.

I believe in being considerate of others.

I believe in lifting other women up rather than trying to bring them down.
I believe in indulging when you know that you really need/want to.

I believe in finishing what you started whenever possible.

I believe in beautiful Bubbys and treating your pets like children, [sometimes better than children]...

I believe in effort.

I believe in good friendships.

I believe in trying on a million things even if you only buy one.

I believe in doing the best you can in every situation, and not stressing when your best isn't what you expected.

I believe in being silly and getting other people to do it with you.

I believe in recycling everything. like seriously, everything.

I believe that nothing tastes as good as... just kidding, I believe that food is delicious, especially sushi.

 I believe that it is only money.

 I believe in picking up trash whenever you see it blowing down the street!

and lastly

I believe in lumber jacks :D

go link up people!



  1. Love this link up! Your pup is a cutie! :)

  2. I believe in your list, and your great list making abilities.

  3. I liked this post. Very much so :) I personally don't believe in link ups, but I liked this one ;) haha

    Just kidding...sort of.

  4. Lumber Jacks....hee hee :) I too believe in treating our pets like children. How could we not??? *sigh*

  5. Hahaha. I love the lumber jack at the end!

    xo, Emily
    bluedogbelle.blogspot. com