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Wednesday, September 12, 2012



i feel that this is going to be a mighty long post...
i'm linking up with Shannon from Life After I "Dew"

So What Wednesday

for SO WHAT! Wednesday! and writing about yesterday..
yesterday was bad and good so I definitely have to write about it.

...omg I have seriously been trying to write this post for like 4 hours now...

I will start with my SO WHAT!s for this week...

so what!

  • if everything my boss, and my boss' favorite (i can only assume her to be the boss' lesbian lover) says makes me want to punch them... i'm pretty sure i have listed this before, probably each week actually.
  • if i'm so annoyed that i repeat myself.
  • if it is going to take me approximately 5 more years to graduate with my Masters degrees.
  • if I talk about my bloggy friends using their first names like we are tight in real life and Aaron thinks I hung out with you guys today lol
  • if while i was running last night a group of black guys was like "heyyyy girrrl, you lookin' good from over here. keep it uppppp!" and i replied, "thanks!" 
  • if I love a good compliment and i can't not say thank you
  • if this post has a mixture of capitalized and non-capitalized "I's"
  • if I now move on to my rant and sharing of the events of yesterday!

yesterday was a total roller coaster of emotions.
work has really been getting the best of me...
I don't really like what I am doing,
and I feel like it is keeping from me finishing things that I need in order to move on:
portfolio, classes, etc.
sure, there is always a way to get shit done, right?
if I absolutely NEEDED to have this job to make my life happen then I would work it out,
but besides the time thing, I just don't feel like I am getting the respect I deserve from my boss or the fair treatment that I should be.
and thankfully I am not in a position in my life where I have to put up with it.
so... I'm planning on doing something about this. soon.
updates to come.

they happiness yesterday came when I finally got to meet little mister Ayden!!
we went and had dinner at Melissa and Derek's house.

look at his insanely cute little baby face!!!!
(those top two pictures are not the same... i swear - trust me!)
I die. he is so so so cute.
I can't wait to take a million more pictures of him.
he is such a quiet, happy baby.
last night was his 2 week birthday, so he was a tad boring ;)
but I look forward to seeing him grow, change, and get more interesting!

Derek made something different for dinner
I don't really remember exactly what it was called... I think it was spaghetti bread or something like that

it was pretty darn good, and he was very proud of himself!
it was a very nice time.

okay.. seriously I started this post at 7:45am, it is now 12:15pm
I gotta wrap it up! have a nice Wednesday guys!!


  1. I would've taken that compliment too, it's niced they noticed right?! And OHMYGOODNESS he's adorable!!! I love those pictures too, want to be my permanent baby photographer for when my little girl comes?? ;)

  2. um yes! i want to take pictures of babies ALL! DAY! LONG!

    I was like omg, for you christmas cards we must dress him up put him in a sled, then put antlers on the dogs and hook them to it! sooooo cute right???