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Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Update

alright everybody,
I am trying to get back to normal.
and with that, I will do my Weekend Update post!
but guess what...
I don't think I have any pictures at all.
fun right? nope. sorry! 

uhhhh... man it was a blur.
I am having a difficult time remembering what happened.

Aaron finally got discharged from the hospital.
I was quite excited for him to finally be home,
and also for me to not need to be at the hospital anymore.
however, it was not the joyous reuniting I thought it would be!
we were both pretty tired, stressed, and extremely cranky.
we had a good arguement, went to sleep and woke up refreshed!
thank goodness.

we went out to breakfast.
did some overall relaxing.
and I went grocery shopping.
really it was a totally lazy day. 
I liked it a lot! it was very pleasant.

Aaron and I got up pretty early.
I did homework, laundry, and cleaned out a closet.
it was very productive. 
we even went to my grandparents for breakfast.
I always went for a very successful run with Breanna.
we are planning to run 2 more days and then up our run time.
can't wait! I am also going to the gym today... alone. sighhhh
I cannot wait for Aaron to get better lol


  1. Glad you had a lazy/productive weekend...I had one of those too. And so happy to hear your man is out of the hospital, it's no fun seeing someone you love in that place.

  2. A little bit of lazy & a little bit of productiveness. Sounds like a great weekend to me! Stopping by from the link up!

    Would love to have you stop by & say Hi! I'm also having a giveaway! :)